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Comtech is eager to compete at the 2018 National Postal Forum in San Antonio, TX for a chance to be crowned Grand Champion.

Oklahoma City, OK., April 24, 2018 – Comtech was informed that its entry into the USPS Next Generation Campaign competition was selected as a national finalist. The prestigious competition had numerous entries with only a few of the industry’s top companies being nominated. The contest focused upon utilizing multi-channel marketing strategies, specifically those that incorporated Informed Delivery. Informed Delivery is the latest rollout from the USPS in its effort to continue promoting technology with mail.

Comtech has always prided itself as being a leader in the mailing industry with regards to incorporating the newer and developing technologies alongside the tried and true. Receiving this recognition from the USPS validates all the hard work that has been put forth by the many talented individuals who reside at Comtech. Furthermore, this isn’t the first time that Comtech has been nationally recognized as an industry leader. In 2015, Comtech was presented with the Mail Innovation Award by the USPS.

Comtech of Oklahoma City has been helping Oklahoma City businesses with their Interactive Digital Advertising and web development for over 16 years .

What makes Comtech stand out from every other digital marketing company is that they have years of expertise in getting results for their clients. Whether through online media channels to get traffic or digital video content creation they know how to do it the right way!

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Cornell in Denver Colorado was recently fined over a quarter million dollars for improperly disposing private information.

In the incident, protected paper records were not shredded, rather they were dumped in an unlocked outside trash container. The protected records exposed to “dumpster diving” included sensitive and private data.

In the modern era, when we think about data breaches, we typically think about computer attacks. It’s important to consider enforcing procedures and policies across all aspects of the business. The strength of your firewall and sophistication of your password policies are rendered irrelevant if personnel across all levels of the business are not trained and supervised correctly.

In the following discussion, we examine 3 common, often overlooked sources of data breaches.

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